Friday, March 14, 2008

Trash Digger

This is my little trash digger. I ate a pudding and then I put it in the trash. Will made the delicious discovery and as you can see, he licked it clean. Now I just need to search the house to see where else he may have gotten it.


Chelle said...

that is too cute!! My kids love to pull things out of the trash and save them, like papers I throw away that they want to keep. They don't like ot throw anything away!! We are excited to see you guys next weekend. The kids are too!!

Dacia said...

Yum! The things kids find in the trash. Lexi is doing the opposite and putting everything in the trash. I have to check it before I throw it out because now I've found toys and other things in the trash. Kids are funny!

Kolste said...

So Mike showed me pictures of Will when he was a baby and I did not realize how stinkin chunky he was!!! He was so cute! and now he is so skinny