Sunday, June 28, 2009

remember my anniversary present?

well jeff made it happen. i got to go see david cook in concert. it was sooooo much fun. jordanne, marcy and i had so much fun and acted like giddy teen-agers. i love to listen to his music, and seeing him live was amazing.

we also got to spend a day at ocean beach in san diego and do a little shopping. marcy took some really awesome pics with her nice camera ( my cheapo did ok ) so i will have some better photos. i don't know if she even got to watch the concert, i kept yelling at her to take a picture! i am looking forward to 2 years (not 1) girls!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Birthdays (a little late) but still Happy

ok,... wow, i am really far behind. andrew had his 6th birthday april 22nd. he got to have some friends over to slip n' slide. kyle, andre, micah, noah, luke and brody.

he also got lots of spy gear stuff. he was way excited.

i can't believe that he is six years old! he is such a fun kid, i sure love him.

Jeff had a birthday May 22nd. i won't say how old....cause he's getting real old. jk. i love you more honey.

will kept trying to blow out jeff's candle. (check out bubba's facial expression, this kid cracks me up)

Will turned 3 on june 7th. he got this thomas the train tent and loved it.

he also loved his mike (aka batman) jammies and scooter (from nannie and poppie)

loving some cake and ice-cream. i love this sweet little face. it makes me want to eat his french fry fingers. (an inside family thing). you'd have to be a nygren to get that one.

i can't believe it took me 2 months to get around to blogging about birthdays. what can i say...i am a total slacker at the whole blogging thing. in the beginning it's all new and exciting, but now that we're over a year mark, the excitement has dwindled. i do love it, but sometimes it feels like another chore, one more thing to get done. better late than never right?? right??

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

hawaii day 6 & 7

aahh, the last of the hawaiin vacation. so sad, so sad. our last two days we mostly hung out at the beach and went shopping. this last beach was so fun for the kids, the waves were perfect for them to boogie board and they loved it. it also had sea shells every where, and they had fun finding them.

my kids cracked me up wearing goggles boogie boarding, but they refused to do it without them.

they LOVE playing in the sand. i am the only one who kind of hates sand.

our last night we went to this really cool banyan tree on front street. front street was a really touristy area that was fun to shop. of course pictures can't do justice, but it was cool how this trees branches intertwined and hung.

our last sunset. it was so beautiful. i can't wait to go back someday. what a fabulous trip.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

day 4 & 5: part 2

so after pearl harbor we headed over to the polynesian cultural center. on the way andrew decided to try and pull off the band on his wrist with his teeth, and well from the picture i'm sure you can guess what happened. yeah, his tooth came out and then proceeded to go down his throat and into his tummy. he cried and cried (and bled and bled, that tooth wasnt quite ready) because he was worried that the tooth fairy wouldn't find him without a tooth and all the way in hawaii. well that really nice tooth fairy found him and left him a nice shark tooth neclace. the pcc was so much fun! wow there was so much to do. there wasn't nearly enough time to fit it all in.

jeff trying to learn how to start a fire in "tonga"

kaylee got to go on stage and learn a dance. she was pretty cute. andrew refused to go on stage, he missed out on the fun. jeff also got to go on stage, but he might kill me if i posted a picture. he was a good sport about it though. i'm pretty sure they couldn't have paid me enough money to go on stage with out a shirt on.

will having fun. by now his tummy had settled a little.

jordanne and i learning how to play this fun stick game. it was really cool. we were pretty good at it.

we all got tattoos. a highlight for andrew.

right when we were about to leave, we realized that our back-pack was missing, with our cameras and the keys to our rental, and our plane tickets back to maui! auugh the panic set in. i ran the entire pcc to look for it. when i was almost all the way through some workers asked if i needed help with anything, and i said yeah, i am looking for a back pack. the kids says, "like this one" and held up ours! i about died! i screamed, "YES". i wanted to give him a big hug, but i thought he might get freaked out!
we barely had time to stop by the temple before we caught our plane. it was an amazing day full of puke, swallowed teeth, and missing back packs, and 3 completely exhausted kids. totally worth it.

Monday, June 1, 2009

day 4 & 5: part 1

day 4 was another beach/snorkel day. day 5 was our busiest adventure. we got up around 3:30 to catch our flight to oahu. will was a little grumpy about getting up that early and apparently his tummy was a little grumpy too because when we landed he threw up all over the two of us. not the best way to start out the day! then we headed to pearl harbor. that was a highlight of the trip for me. jeff's grandpa wally was at pearl harbor when it was attacked, he had shrapnel in his legs. it was great for the kids to get to see it all.

more on day 5 later!