Monday, March 17, 2008

skiing for the first time

kaylee was a little hesitant to start the day, but she can't hide her excitement.
andrew getting ready to start out for a day of skiing.

jeff even had a good time (although he won't admit it. )

kaylee surprised us all and apparently was quite a natural. look at that snowplow!

andrew in action! he did so good for a kid who is only 4!

the gang taking a little break

don't you love the hair? he looks like a true ski bum!

kaylee decided she loved skiing, even though she had basicially made up her mind before they went that she wasn't going to. She was the last one to want to leave.

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Romney Family said...

Hey brit~ it was so fun to look at your blog!! Man, how your kids have grown since the last time I saw you!! They sure do grow up fast. It was fun to see how you all are doing!!