Sunday, May 31, 2009

hawaii day 3

jeff and i got to go on a zip line tour. we had such a good time spending time together with out any kiddos. thanks to scott, janna and jordanne for volunteering to take the kids so we could go. they took the kids to the aquarium that day. don't we look "special"?

my helmet was kind of loose, so i was expressing my concern to our guide, who let me know the helmet wouldn't help anyway if i was to fall. (so why the heck do they make you wear those ugly things anyway?)

that's me

that's jeff

like i said, i think we look a little "special"

Thursday, May 28, 2009

day 2: a beach day and a luau

on monday we hit the beach and snorkeled again. i wish i had taken better pictures, the kids put their snorkel stuff on so they could see the sea turtle.(we were close enough to touch it, how awesome is that?) also their faces were priceless when they put on their goggles and looked under water and saw that there were fish right there at their feet. i get tired of the beach in california, i hate getting knocked around so much, but i loved the beaches in hawaii. i loved how calm they are and i LOVED snorkeling. (btw, we stayed on the island of maui.) jeff, his grandma and his dad
doesn't he look awesome in his goggles?

of course after the beach we also go to the pool to clean out all the sand. here is one of the water slides. it was one of andrew's favorite things to do.

this is how he looked everyday after the beach. poor kid was exhausted at the end of every day, but he was sure a trooper.

that evening we went to a luau. i loved it. the kids loved all the dancing (i wish i could dance like that), especially andrew. it was such a neat experience.

i tried to take pictures of them dancing, but didn't get any good ones, it was too dark. jeff thought will wanted a picture with these dancers ( i'm not convinced will even cared.) hmmm...

just a few shots of me and jeff that i really liked.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

aloha! (finally) day 1

i am a little late in blogging about our amazing trip to hawaii. i'm not sure why other than laziness. it was the best trip ever, and we totally want to move there now. at least for a year. this is the amazing view as you fly in.

here are the kids the first night there. we had dinner at this really nice restaurant right on the beach, right during sunset. it was beautiful.

the first day we went to church. it was jammed pack, full of tourist. i can't imagine how crazy they get during the busy season. then we did a little shopping, found some really fun jewelry, met a contestant from the amazing race, went to the beach and snorkeled, and swam in the hotel pool.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

happy anniversary to me...

saturday was mine and jeff's 11th anniversary. when i opened my card this is what i found. i am a huge fan, so i was thrilled with an autographed copy of the cd. then this is what i found..... i was almost in tears, i was so happy. i swear i have the most thoughtful husband. and all i gave him was 2 lousy shirts. man i suck!

Monday, May 4, 2009

every year at Ladera, they have an MS run. i woke up sick so jeff filled in and ran with her. he was a good sport considering it has been years since has been running. kaylee did good. last year she ran 23:42. this year she ran 23:00. i'm sure if i had ran with her it would have been much faster:) she was actually in better shape last year, she just pushed herself harder this year cause she wanted to beat her time. i was really proud of her.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

winner winner chicken dinner....

every year at our elementary school we do an art show. this year we allowed each student to enter one art project. we had over 500 entries. we have 4 local artists come and judge them and they choose a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for each grade level. well apparently we have two budding artists in this household. both kaylee and andrew were the 1st place winners (winner, winner chicken dinner) for their grade levels. we were so proud of them. they must have an awesome art teacher (that would be me for those of you who didn't know). they were surprised, especially for each other. andrew couldn't believe that his sissy won too!
andrew called his "ladder to the moon".

kaylee's was "dancing queen" (btw, kaylee won first place last year too. )