Thursday, September 15, 2011


oh man i found the jackpot of pictures on Jordanne's camera. this whole series just made me laugh. the goggles, the facial expressions, dirty shirtless boys. gotta love it.

the last two are my fav's.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

happy birthday kaylee dear!

kaylee was born 12 years ago! i can't believe she is in middle school and young women's. she is such a good girl and we are so proud of her.

kaylee's birthday breakfast from dad, smoothie and donuts.

12 things i love about kaylee:

1. she is the best big sister. (her little brothers adore her)

2. she is a good student. she always does her best and works so hard.

3. beautiful green eyes.

4. kind heart, she is a good friend to everyone and has A LOT of friends.

5. she loves to read and is a major book worm (just like mom)

6. she is an awesome artist, another love we share.

7. even though we argue about hair, i love that she still lets me do it....

8. dedicated. she is a great example when it comes to reading her scriptures.

9. she reminds me alot of her dad. ;)

10. responsible. (great babysitter, now if she would be responsible with a clean room)

11. i love to watch her swim. she is really graceful.

12. i love that she is such a good example to her brothers and is such a good kid. she always tries to do her best and has such a strong testimoney for a 12 year old. she is amazing.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Little Learners.......FINALLY!

love this kid Will has been waiting patiently (not really) for school to start. The others kids have been going for almost 3 weeks and it has been killing him. He was so excited this morning that he actually ate breakfast (hasn't been happening around here lately). On the way there, he said "FINALLY, i get to go to MY school."