Monday, November 22, 2010

4 months

our little 'sammie boy" as will calls him, is now 4 months old. he is a little chunk with big ears and a fuzzy head of hair. which i personally think is pretty darn cute.

he recently discovered his feet and is pretty fascinated by them. he has 2 teeth (yup 2 at 4 months). luckily no biting has happened yet. he chews on everything. he loves his brothers and sister. i wish he was a better sleeper. he gives the best smiles in the morning, which sometimes are a little too early for me. (4:30) but regardless i love him completely.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

crazy hair day 2010

not my best photography, but some great hair! they thought it was fun and crazy!

Monday, November 1, 2010


we went to the trunk or treat at our ward saturday night. we had josh and michelle's family here for the weekend and the kids had a blast together. i am sorry to say i didn't get a picture of all the kiddos dressed up together.

kaylee made a pretty cute witch. andrew, the poor kid, was sick with a fever and pink eye. but he was determined to go trunk or treating. he was so excited to be "daniel lacey" the star quarterback of our high school here in farmington.

then we have two of the cutest pirates ever, sam and will.

everyone but kaylee was sick on halloween day. but we still made the best of it. we had scott and janna over for dinner and made caramel apples. we turned out all the lights and ignored the ringing door bell of trick or treaters. it gets crazy here in our neighborhood on halloween. we had friends who had over 800 trick or treaters. thankfully we live at the top of a steep dark street and most don't come up here.