Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dear Croup,

please leave my children alone.
please let us enjoy christmas by going away!
no hard feelings,

Friday, December 4, 2009

november in a nutshell

i am a total blog slacker. i know. no excuses.

we had a great november. here is a small summary.

nov. 1st-10th: we watched my brother matt and miriam's 2 kids. savanah (3) and max (15 months). it was so fun, my kids totally adored them. kaylee was a huge help especially with max and honestly he prefered her over me most of the time. andrew was a huge help with savanah because as she said "andrew is my favorite". she was constantly wetting and combing her hair and asking andrew if she was beautiful. i have heard she has shared some interesting stories about us with her parents. for instance, apparently jeff got mad at me for touching his computer. who knows what else she told them they aren't sharing with us. we had a lot of fun, but i'm not gonna lie, i was exhausted and happy to go back to being a parent of 3.

nov. 7th: we found out we are gonna have another baby. #4. so i better enjoy being a parent of 3 for the next 7 months. :) i know some of you may be a little shocked. we thought we were done having children and have actually sold all our baby stuff. but we changed our minds.....

nov. 16th: i started experiencing severe tooth pain.
nov.17th: found out i had to have a root canal, had to try to live through most of the pain because of being in the first trimester! it sucked.

nov. 24th: went to new moon with my fabulous friends, i didn't like it. may have had something to do with extreme tooth pain, being overly tired, and being nauseous!

nov.25th-29th: went to utah for thanksgiving. loved being with family. thanksgiving day was awesome ( other than jeff being in nm working). the food was good, nothing is better than my dad's home-made rolls. i think i ate about 6 that day. that was about all i did eat because being pregnant nothing else tasted that good. so happy the kids got to see my parents since that only happens once or twice a year.

nov.30th: had a root canal. once again no pain meds. sucks! but now it is feeling all better!