Monday, August 29, 2011

school has started......ughh!

the kids started school august 15th (6th-graders) and 16th (everyone else). this year i just wasn't ready. we had a great summer that went by too stinkin' fast. the kids got a long great (i'm not sure how we lucked out there) and played well together. i also really enjoyed my free awesome babysitter. kaylee is the best big sister. andrew started 3rd grade. so far he is doing really well. i went in last week to talk to his teacher and she asked, "has he always been this good?" "i can always count on andrew to be attentive!" way to go andrew!

kaylee started middle school (sniff, sniff) i am excited for her and terribly sad at the same time. she is really loving it so far. (am i really old enough to have a kid in middle school?) now we just need will's school to start, everyday he wants to know when he gets to go the "little learners"!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Dear Grandma,
I had a great childhood. Growing up next door to you and Grandpa was so much fun. I loved you even when you spanked Josh and me for being so naughty. I loved your chocolate cake. I loved doing dishes with you. I love that one time you raced Melanie and me (and I was shocked at how fast you were.) I loved sitting with you at church and getting tickled with a pen. You taught me how to tie my shoe. You always see the best in people. I loved looking in the stands and seeing you at my basketball games. I loved when you taught me how to make your chocolate frosting. I love your hands. I love you. Thanks for being one amazing woman and example to all of us.

cutest picture ever, taken by my neice briann

Durango Mountain

will and daddy going down the alpine slides, the kids LOVED it.the bungee tramp was a hit for kaylee and andrew. andrew even got brave enough to do some flips. kaylee surprised me, this is not usually her kind of thing.

kaylee climbed the rock wall. she is pretty good at it. those long arms and legs come in pretty handy.

it was a great 4th of july weekend, thanks nannie and poppie for taking us on another great adventure.