Friday, September 24, 2010

Sea World

i have to admit, i felt like a kid again. i was so excited. the kind of excited that you feel as a kid before christmas. i was giddy. i have always wanted to go. i FINALLY got the chance. it couldn't have been more fun.

the weather was perfect. it wasn't hot. it wasn't cold. there were only 4,000 people in the whole park. there were no lines for shows or rides. in fact we didn't even have to get off our boat on the ship-wreck ride. i laughed so hard. i swallowed nasty water. i got completely soaked. i felt like a kid again.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


sam's first day at the beach. a true nygren, only 8 weeks old and already lovin' it.


this one makes me laugh!

california=boogie boarding

Thursday, September 16, 2010

California Pictures

these are the pictures we got of the kids while in california. of course we saved it till the last day and the kids were tired, (we were tired) and nobody felt like cooperating. so these were the best we could get. we didn't even get a good shot of sam. everyone was done by the time we got to him. and well babies who can't sit are just hard to photograph on a beach!
kaylee 11 years old

andrew 7 years old

will 4 years old

Monday, September 13, 2010

This beautiful girl

turned 11 last week! she got to celebrate her birthday in california. she had a very special day. she got to spend the day at sea world with her family. it doesn't get much better than that. she LOVED it! and so did the rest of us. there were only 4,000 people in the whole park. no crowds and no lines. the weather was perfect, not too hot not too cold. we had amazing seats in the soak zone, and didn't even get splashed. perfect.
she even got to open a few presents. she got LOTS of books, two cook books and an apron, headbands, a shirt, and a dolphin. she also gets to go pick out a new bike.

11 things i love about kaylee:
1. she loves to read (like her mom)
2. she loves to sleep (like her mom)
3. her green eyes
4. her kind heart
5. that she is so forgiving
6. so much like her dad it's crazy (u know what i mean Jo)
7. greatest big sister ever. man she loves those boys.
8. great example to friends and family
9. watching her swim. she is really graceful in the water.
10. she is a great writer and artist. maybe she will write and illistrate books someday.
11. her beautiful smile. it still melts my heart.