Friday, February 27, 2009

hair obsession

anyone who knows me well knows that i am a little obsessed with hair, at least kaylee's. all of these hair blogs has only fueled that obsession. here are a few of the heart hair-do's that we did the week of valentines.

Monday, February 23, 2009

basketball season

well only one more weekend to go. it has been fun, but i will be happy for it to be over at the same time. kaylee has improved so much, and even scored 4 points in each of her last 2 games! here she is taking a shot.
andrew has really started to get the hang of things and has gotten way more aggressive, especially on offence. this last game he was on fire and had like 14 points!

Monday, February 16, 2009

cheerleading and valentines

this past week kaylee and her best friend harley did a cheer clinic. on saturday (valentine's day)they got to perform at the basketball game. it was sure fun. thanks for doing it with kaylee ,harley even though you were feeling a little crummy. most of the pictures turned out a little blurry. who knows. have i mentioned i would really like a new camera?
kaylee had a lot of fun. i was really proud of her though, after her first day of practice, she said, "it was fun mom, but not as fun as basketball". i may or may not have shed a tear of pure joy!

we started off our valentines day with kaylee's game, then it was off to andrew's. then i went with chelsey and kristi for our 11 mile run. then we got ready for the high school basketball game. not exactly the most romantic valentine's day ever, but i wouldn't have wanted it any other way. funny how things change once you have kids. sunday morning we made the kids their valentines breakfast. we made heart pancakes with pink whip cream, strawberries and strawberry milk. they loved it! so hope everyone had a great valentines day.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

snow day!!!

so monday night we got almost 6 inches of snow, which in new mexico means no school! i know kind of weird if your from montana or idaho, i can only remember school being cancelled like 2 times ever! bubba wanted a picture with mom, but kaylee wouldn't take her gloves off to hold the camera. this was the best shot we could get of us. bubba took this one of kaylee and me.
i meant for this photo to be last, but messed up. this was after the snowball fight and bubba wasn't too happy about having snow in his face, so we ended up going inside.
the kids thought it was fun to try and jump on the tramp with all the snow on it.
here is andrew with his frosty the snowman.
here is kaylee with her snowgirl, frostette. notice the purple and white ribbon.
poor will missed out on all the fun. he was inside taking a nap.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


i have been horrible at taking pictures lately. i kind of hate my camera. so the blog has suffered. here is what we have been up to.
kaylee: she is playing basketball again this year. she is on an awesome team, and has an amazing coach (me). she still takes piano and is offically beyond my capabilities. i'm not much help for her anymore. she is on the all A's honor roll, and still loves to read. she reads an unbelievable amount of books.
andrew: he is also playing basketball, but has warmed up to it slowly. he has finally decided that he likes it, but not as much as soccer. i can hardly stand watching kindergarden basketball. i love watching him, but wow. he loves school, an answer to my prayers. i was a little worried about him.
will: he is a crazy, wild, sweet, stubborn 2 year old. he loves to laugh and does so often, even if it is totally fake. he only eats what he wants to when he wants to. i'm pretty sure that is pay backs for my mom. i think he is even worse than i was.
brit: i still teach art at the school, help in the library and am on the pto committee. right now i am training for the moab half marathon. i am enjoying it much more than i thought i would. i don't necessarily love it while i am running, but i love the satisfaction of saying, "i just ran 9 miles!" (which is my longest run so far)
jeff: busy with work and more work and more work. i guess that is life, but it sure seems he is gone all to often. he also stays busy with young mens. he helps me coach when he can.
well that is what we are up to. sorry no photos.