Thursday, March 13, 2008

getting to know my kids

I got this idea from my cousin's wife. I thought it was fun (so did my kids they wanted me to keep asking them questions.)
1.What is your favorite color?
kaylee-blue and white
2.What do you want to be when you grow up?
andrew-star wars man
kaylee-artist, or a piano teacher
3.What is your favorite food?
andrew-pizza & cold cereal
kaylee-fruit and italian food
4.What is your favorite toy?
andrew-buzz lightyear, star wars, knights, pirates.......
kaylee-my(britney's) old baby doll, daddy bear (ya know that old raggedy thing from cathy?)
5.What is your favorite book?
andrew-skippy jon jones from grandma peanut
kaylee-best school year ever, junie b. jones, a to z mysteries, baily school kids, majic tree
house, (basically the girl loves to read)
6.What is your favorite smell?
andrew-hot chocolate
kaylee-her lip glosses
7. What is your favorite song?
andrew- batman (i said what batman song, we don't know any batman songs. i asked him to
sing it for me. he said he couldn't, but insisted it was his most favorite ever.)after a
few minutes of trying to tell him other songs that could possibly be his favorite, i
gave in and put batman.
kaylee- any hannah montana song, scripture power
8. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
andrew-to the hotel
kaylee- to china (to see the great wall of china)

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The Kolste Family said...

We didn't know you had a blog. We are glad you started one so we can see what you are up to. We were just talking yesterday about how we think you need to move to Utah. What do you think?