Monday, April 27, 2009

spring break

i have gotten a little behind in the blogging world. for spring break i went to seattle and spokanne washington. i went to my sister marcy's for a few days. we did a little shopping and went to her son adam's track meet. he is having an amazing senior year, and i am so glad i had the chance to watch him run. he is a fast kid. my sister melanie came over for a few days too, and then we all headed to spokanne for my niece briann's wedding. it was so fun to get to see most of my family. we were just missing the twinners and darrick and their families. we had fun letting all the cousins hang out and swim at the hotel. i was horrible yet again at taking photos, but here are a few from the trip. this is my other neice cami and her husband josh.

will, thinking that he is playing guitar hero with the big kids.
my beautiful mother.
will was not too friendly with most of the family, but he did like my sister melanie and her daughter jedi quite a bit. even if it doesn't look like it in this picture.

kaylee with kortney, reagan, and riley. those girls had a blast together. we love cousins!
kaylee and kortney, planned, cooked, and served dinner one night at marcy's. they worked so hard on it. they even made menu's and invitations for everyone. it was pretty fun.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


so i have been meaning to blog about spring break, but we have had some crazy sickness in our house. poor andrew. this is his 5th day in a row of a fever. he had terrible croup over the weekend, and almos ended up in the e.r. because he couldn't breath. fortunately we have a nebulizer and were able to get it under control. i finally took him to the dr. today. he has bronchitis and early stages of pnuemonia. his fever was so high last night that he was seeing doubles. now will has started in with the fever. augh!!!!!!!! we need everyone healthy for friday when we leave for our hawaii trip.