Tuesday, December 30, 2008

christmas eve

Christmas eve we went to steve and barbara's house for soup and dessert. everything was delicious. then we just had fun hanging out and telling stories. when we got home the kids opened their traditional present of pj's from mom and dad. even will who usually hates putting on pj's wanted to put his on. he instantly started to take his clothes off. will was trying to show us that he had stars on the bottom of his feet.
will was fascinated with santa (or as he calls him ho-ho) this year. he kept walking around in this hat saying ho-ho. i have already put all the christmas decorations away and will keeps walking around the house saying "where ho-ho go?'

Saturday, December 27, 2008

my sister marcy sent me a cd with a few christmas pictures of me when i was little. it was so fun to see them since i don't have any pictures of me when i was little. i thought i would share two of my favorites. thanks marcy, and thanks for the letter.
btw, santa in this picture just happens to be my dad. i guess this is where my kids get it from. they aren't real fond of sitting on santa's lap either.
more christmas coming soon!

Monday, December 22, 2008

my 8 tag

sorry it took so long brittani
8 tv shows i enjoy
1. american idol
2. survivor
3. the amazing race
4. dancing with the stars
5. so you think you can dance
6. lost
7. jon and kate plus 8
8. er

8 things that happened yesterday:
1. got everyone ready for church
2. went to nursery
3. took a nap
4. made cheeseburger soup (yummy)
5. cleaned up dinner
6. drove around and looked at christmas lights
7. delivered christmas goodies
8. made hot cocoa for everyone

8 things i am looking forward to:
1. christmas eve with the nygrens
2. christmas day presents and food
3. the 7 days after christmas (jeff took them off)
4. not having to get up at 7 for the next 2 weeks
5. only 1 more week of 9 o clock church
6. hopefully losing weight while training for my half marathon in march
7. summer (i don't like to cold)
8. seeing my family this summer

8 things i love about winter: (this could be tough)
1. christmas
2. hot chocolate
3. fire places
4. winter clothes
5. sledding
6. soups
7. snow delays=sleeping in
8. when it's over

8 things on my wish list:
1. healthy family
2. a trip to hawaii
3. to lose weight
4. that everyone would clean up after themselves
5. that anyone in my family would come for a visit
6. walgreens would close on sundays
7. to be a great mom
8. to be a great wife

Sunday, December 14, 2008

oh christmas tree oh christmas tree

we actually did this a long time ago, i just haven't gotten around to posting about it, and it took us like 3 nights to finish, and i never got a picture of the finished product. i kept thinking i would take a picture and then do the post, but.....
here is will "helping" put up ornaments. it was bubba's turn to do the star this year.
kaylee hanging her favorite snowman ornament from grandma peanut. (look at kaylee and jeff's profile's don't they look so much alike?
just wanted to show off her cute hair. i got this idea from hair4myprincess.blogspot.com. cute huh?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

santa clause is coming to town.......

will's favorite part of the party: COOKIES! (he may or may not have had like 3 big cookies) he didn't stay on too long, (about 1 second) but at least he didn't cry, which is what my other two did at this age.
bubba wants a remote control dinosaur?? what?! has anyone seen a cheap one?
kaylee wants an american girl doll julie. or any american girl doll stuff.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

here are a few pictures from the polar express night that i didn't get posted. i actually tried to post a few of them, but managed to delete them, and then you can't add them where you want. so they would have been out of order. this is andrew and jonah on the train. this was outside the train station. you can barely see them, but there are 3 statues of horses that the kids were climbing on. kialey looks a little scared in them. i think she was sliding off.

this was waiting outside the restaurant after the train ride. it was really yummy food. no, that is not a sucker in andrew's mouth. it is his bell. did you think i would let him have a sucker before dinner? well ok, i probably would, but it's not.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

batman and games

friday night we had game night and desserts at our house with the smiths,the greg nygren family and the foutz's. we had so much fun. this is the only picture we got from that night. bummer. i have really been slacking in the picture taking. i wish i had gotten more of all the cousins together. will (batman) riding on his bike. he was hilarious. he was actually riding it. walking around and making it move. we had 13 kids and 12 adults. it was loud, messy and so much fun. thanks to all who came and brought goodies.

Monday, December 1, 2008


here we are, waiting for the polar express to arive. obviously will was being his typrical rotten 2 year old self. sheesh, i can't wait for him to be 3! finally! it arrives! the kids were so excited. by now, even will was getting excited and was cooperating (almost).
jeff and will waiting to head to the north pole to see Santa Clause! will was now cooperating fully. (but will it last?)

kaylee and her cousin kylie. they had a blast together this weekend.
we finally made it to the north pole, and who do you think was there waiting for us? that's right, santa! and he gave each of the kids bells, just like the book.

will, still cooperating, can you believe it?

andrew and kaylee with thier bells.

we had so much fun. it is definately worth doing once. we went with my cousin josh and his family, and jeff's cousin greg and his family. the kids got to wear their pj's my kids were totally excited about that. they served us hot cocoa and cookies on the way to the north pole. there we saw santa and his elves and santa even came on the train with us and gave us a bell. then we sang christmas carols on the way back. it was magical for the kiddos. so, did will cooperate the whole time? are you kidding? of course not. but we still had a good time:)