Friday, April 22, 2011

It's Great To Be Eight!

happy birthday bubba!
8 things i love about my bubba:

1. obedient. he is my most obedient child. he only has to be asked once.

2. golden child. that is what his primary teachers call him. that makes me so proud.

3. sensitive. he is so aware of others and their feelings. (someday he may hate this one)

4. athletic. i love to watch him play soccer and basketball. he is amazing.

5. funny. his laugh can really get me going. love it.

6. his eyes. they sparkle. mischevious twinkle.

7. adventurous. loves roller coasters, big water slides, cliff jumping.

8. good brother. he loves his brothers and sister. he adores sam and is such a good helper.

i love you bud, and hope 8 is great, just like you.

happy birthday!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Break 2011 continued.

after the grand canyon we headed to chandler, az to a resort. we loved it there. we swam everyday, took boat rides, when out to yummy places to eat, went to the temple and shopped. we had a few sick kids, that was the only bummer. sam had a fever every day we were there. he only got to swim one day. the water was so warm and he loved it. i worked with will on swimming. he is sooooo close and can swim a little ways without floaties. this kid is a fish and loves to swim. he is a die hard and out lasts everyone else. one day jeff threw the football in the pool, and will followed it in yelling "cannon ball". problem was he didn't have on his floaties yet. oops. daddy had to save him.

i love this picture. i couldn't believe that they were all able to hang on long enough to get a few pictures.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Break 2011

1st stop: Grand Canyon

Will thought it was gonna be the Grand Candy.

Yup, total disappointment.

(No wonder he was so excited.)


(the grand canyon too)

we had a great time.

i am not typically scared of heights.

but having my kids so close to the edge, well i was paranoid.

i can't believe i am one of those parents.

i am suppose to be cool and adventurous.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

self portrait (by sam)


this is what happens when the baby gets a hold of the camera.

silly baby.


Monday, April 4, 2011

running (well, technically jogging) the Moab 1/2

On March 19th i ran my first half. it was so much fun. yes, fun. running 13.1 miles may not sound fun, but strangely it was. however the training that goes into, not so fun. but worth it. it is amazing what you can accomplish. back in january when i first started running again, i didn't think it would be possible. i felt so slow (and i was) i could barely run 12 minutes a mile. i thought i would never get to my goal of 10 minutes a mile. my favorite brother darrick (and yes he is my favorite right now) me and allison (my bff) and her friend (can't remember her name, oops) before the race started.
darrick and me after the race. i felt really good after the race (or so i thought) a couple hours after i got really sick. i think my body went into shock! i loved having my brother run with me, hopefully next year we can get a few more to run with us. (hint, hint to all my brothers and sisters and sisters in law)