Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Silverton, Colorado

we went to silverton for the 4th this year, i was a little worried how will would do, he hadn't fully recovered yet. he was a trooper and did great.

the fireworks in silverton are amazing. i would recommend going some day. you could feel them, and they echoed through the canyon. way cool.

kids are amazing both sam and will fell asleep through the show. i am not sure how they were soooo loud.

i was grateful will was able to go. i used it as motivation for him to get better. and it worked, he would take his medication and drink lots for me.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

they say it's your birthday.....

happy birthday sam! i can hardly believe this kid is already a year old.

we couldn't love him more.

this kid can pound the food.

he is a little fatso.

he loves his brothers and sister.

he thinks its hilarious to slap your head.

starting to walk, but prefers crawling.

he loves to give kisses.

says all gone, uh-oh, dadda, bubba.

loves balls.

loves his bed and blankeys.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

cha cha cha

will has always been fascinated with birthdays, cake, candles, parties. it is his favorite holiday, even if it not his. but, it's even better when it is :) he got to celebrate his 5th birthday party in montana.

5 things i love about will:

1. i have never met a kid who loves to laugh as much as will. he has a great deep belly laugh. (he also has a really annoying fake one).

2. his imagination. he can entertain himself for hours with anything. seriously. just give him a packet of ketchup and a fork and watch for yourself. it's amazing.

3. he is so affectionate. he loves to cuddle and kiss. he's pretty darn sweet (when he's in the right mood).

4. he loves "bad" guys. he always wants to be the bad pirate, the joker, darth vador, or a mean guy. (wait.....maybe i should be worried?)

5. he loves his brothers and sister. he is (usually) really sweet with them.