Saturday, September 19, 2009

meet spike

when we were in montana this summer jeff caught this little horny-toad. and lucky me, we decided to keep him as a pet. i honestly thought he would be dead by now, after losing him like 3 times in our van on the way back to new mexico. but like i said, lucky me, he is still alive. the kids love him. it is getting colder so we brought him in the house the other night to sleep, the next day i walked in the living room and will had carried his cage to the living room floor and was holding him. i'm surprised he didn't get loose in the house. like i said, i am surprised he is not dead.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

kaylee's birthday party

kaylee got a bunch of new books (5). she also got a bunch of new stuff for her room (including roxie bedding which she has been dying to get) , a cd, and a hannah montana barbie (andrew insisted on buying it for her), and some jewelry, a swimming suit (so she can join the swim team) and the dress she is wearing. pretty good birthday for a ten year old. thanks everyone!

this is what will did when i walked out with the candles lit on the cake. he was so excited to blow them out.

kaylee barely got to blow any out, will blew out some and i laughed at him and blew out some more. she didn't care, she thinks will is funny too.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Kaylee Dear!

Today, I am feeling old.........I have a 10 year old. I am so happy for her, but sad for me. That means i only get her for 8 more years. I wish time would slow down just a bit.
A few of my favorite things about Kaylee are: 1. Her Laugh-totally contageous. 2. Her love for her brothers-she is so great with them especially Will. 3. Her love of reading-she will read for hours(although sometimes she can't focus on anything else:) . 4. She's a great friend to everyone. 5. Her happy personality, she's an optimist. 6. Beautiful green eyes. 7. She almost always lets me fix her hair how I want. 8. When she sings;) 9. She loves playing the piano and rarely complains of practicing. 10. Her love of the gospel. She is a great example to me by reading scriptures daily and faithfully keeping a journal.