Friday, September 26, 2008


YES...... that is my house.......

YES......i totally freaked out......

YES..... i won't be sleeping much tonight.........

YES...... that is a tarantula!

YES......he is dead now..........

Monday, September 22, 2008

bet ya didn't know.......

that batman lives in our house...
pretty much the cutest batman i have ever seen. oh yea...and spiderman lives here too.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

best friend nerds

so kaylee had a late night last night with her best bud harley. they came out like this and said, "we are best friend nerds". they were just giggling and giggling. they were a tad hyper. they really are best friends. they adore each other. attached at the hip for sure.
andrew thought it looked like fun and joined their nerd party. what a fun night.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

soccer time

andrew had his first soccer game last saturday. he loves it. he is so fast, and just gives it his all.
he scored a couple of goals, but his favorite is defence. he is a goalie at heart. that is where he gravitates the majority of the time.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

bubba got a little excited and basically blew out most of kaylee's candles. this picture totally cracks me up. look at his cheeks!
she got a bitty-baby (an american girl doll). we had her convinced that she was too old and had too many baby dolls. as you can tell in the picture, she was very excited
a new outfit for molly (her american girl doll).
art supplies from nannie and poppie. they gave her a sketh book, and 3 books that teach you how to sketch animals and other things. she loves to draw and is a good little artist. also a new hannah montana lamp and 3 nancy drew books from auntie jo- jo . thanks everyone for a great party!

Monday, September 8, 2008

happy birthday kaylee

kaylee is 9 years old today! she is growing up so fast! we love you sissy!

labor day weekend fun and not so fun!

labor day weekend we headed up to utah for my new little nephew's blessing. we left early thursday morning and met 4 of my brothers and families and my parents at a park right below ensign peak in salt lake. it was fun to be with family. we had a picnic, played tennis, and a few of us climbed to the top of ensign peak. it was really pretty. my sister has a nice camera and took most of the pictures from the weekend. hopefully more pictures to come later. this was all i took for the whole weekend. we had a great weekend hanging out with family, shopping, going to the BYU football game. it was the getting home part that was not so fun. we left monday around 12:00 in the rain, and got a flat tire in the canyon. fun changing a tire in the rain on a slope in a car that we have never changed a tire before. props to jeff, thanks for braving the lovely weather. well it was labor day so everything was closed except for wal-mart, who didn't have the right size of tire. so we stayed until tuesday. tuesday morning i borrowed my brother's car to go pick up jeff while ours was being fixed and was rear-ended in a 4 car accident. fortunately it was not my fault, and i was not hurt. but it sure made for a fabulous morning. anyway we got home late and blah blah blah. it is over! thankfully.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


when kaylee turned 8 a year ago monday, i told her she could get her ears pierced. i left it up to her. well finally a year later she decided to do it! i can't believe she finally did it. she has always wanted them pierced, she's just been too scared that it would hurt. it did hurt.....but only a little. now she is so happy and loves them. doesn't she look pretty!