Monday, October 6, 2008

catching up...

i thought i would just give a quick update on our lives.
jeff: after approximately 8 years serving in the elder's quoram, he finally got a new calling. he is very excited to serve a the 1st counselor in the stake young men's. still working hard on finishing up our landscaping. it is almost there. this is his first semester teaching pharmacology to the dental hygeniene students at our community college. it is a lot of work this first semester, but once all the lectures are done then he should be able to enjoy it. so as you can tell he keeps himself busy.
britney: i am enjoying my calling in the nursery, it is a nice break after being the enrichment counselor. now that school has started i am teaching art toandrew and kaylee's classes. i also volunteered to help head up the art program here at our school. i also do the citizenship at the school. i have been spending a lot of time there, but i loved being so involved at the school and with my kids' classes. they love seeing me there.
kaylee: a busy social 3rd grader. she loves school. and most of all she loves reading. every month they are suppose to read 350 minutes. last month kaylee had about 1200 or more. she is a freakin book worm. she is taking tennis lessons and piano lessons right now. this will be her 3rd year of piano. she is a social butterfly and wants to spend every day with her friends, most especially harley.
andrew: is our big kindergartener. he is loving school and learning a ton. every word you say to him he says, ttttt turtle t etc. or he his rhyming or singing. i was so worried about him, cause he had no interest last year in pre-school, but he is loving it and soaking it all up. he is playing soccer right now, and he loves it. he loves to run and is a fast little bugger.
will: he is our cute busy little 2 year old. i have been enjoying our time together while the others are at school. he is fun to be with, and can always make me smile.


Casie said...

Wow! I wish you were in Utah. I need someone to teach art to my class!;)

WendyJ said...

I didn't know you were an artist. Good for you for being so involved in your kids school!