Saturday, August 2, 2008

spending time in UT with family

after staying with my parents for 10 days we headed to utah. we showed up at my brother chris's house at about 9:30 and they weren't home yet, i gave them a call and their sweet little madison had broken her collar bone and they were in the e.r. poor little thing, was so sad.
on the 24th of july we went to the hogal zoo in SLC with chris and family and mike and his family. it was stinkin hot, but we had a great time being with cousins.

will, andrew and kaden all had matching outfits, so we couldn't resist snapping a shot of them together. aren't they cute? we stayed at mike and tiffany's for 5 days. we went to 7 peaks (i forgot my stinkin' camera) the kids loved it. especially andrew, man does that kid love water slides. he loved the big ones especially. maybe next year he'll be tall enough to go on all the rides he wished that he could go on.

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