Monday, August 29, 2011

school has started......ughh!

the kids started school august 15th (6th-graders) and 16th (everyone else). this year i just wasn't ready. we had a great summer that went by too stinkin' fast. the kids got a long great (i'm not sure how we lucked out there) and played well together. i also really enjoyed my free awesome babysitter. kaylee is the best big sister. andrew started 3rd grade. so far he is doing really well. i went in last week to talk to his teacher and she asked, "has he always been this good?" "i can always count on andrew to be attentive!" way to go andrew!

kaylee started middle school (sniff, sniff) i am excited for her and terribly sad at the same time. she is really loving it so far. (am i really old enough to have a kid in middle school?) now we just need will's school to start, everyday he wants to know when he gets to go the "little learners"!


mikentiffany said...

way to go Andrew!!
Beautiful hair, Kaylee!
love, grandma

Chels said...

Time flies too fast. Sam will be starting before you know it.