Thursday, January 27, 2011

Decorating the Tree December 2010

It must be my lucky day.....the computer and blogger decided to let me post. i have tried twice to do christmas pictures, obviously with no success. finally..... here is sam wearing a baby outfit of jeff's. both boys are pretty handsome if i do say so myself!
it was will's turn to put on the star this year. i am lovin the cheese.

andrew and kaylee look forward to this all year long. every year my mom gives the grandkids an ornament for christmas. they are both getting quite the collection. they love to find the perfect place for each one. will's perfect place was all along the bottom. ;)

dang kaylee is looking so grown up. she sure is beautiful.


Brittani said...

so fun. I love sam and jeffs trick! Isaac is getting a little more aware and chicken out a little.

bones chick said...

Super cute pcks. I always think I'll take pics of putting up the tree and then get too stressed out and just wnt to get it over with. Although this year was fun and no stress. We let the kids do it pretty much themselves.

Anonymous said...

Marcy says: Wow! finally! I can take your name of the blog looser list now!:)

The Graff Family said...

so cute! i'm so sad that christmas is over already and's already almost valentine's day!!!

superman said...

Nice photos! It looks so cute!

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