Friday, June 26, 2009

Birthdays (a little late) but still Happy

ok,... wow, i am really far behind. andrew had his 6th birthday april 22nd. he got to have some friends over to slip n' slide. kyle, andre, micah, noah, luke and brody.

he also got lots of spy gear stuff. he was way excited.

i can't believe that he is six years old! he is such a fun kid, i sure love him.

Jeff had a birthday May 22nd. i won't say how old....cause he's getting real old. jk. i love you more honey.

will kept trying to blow out jeff's candle. (check out bubba's facial expression, this kid cracks me up)

Will turned 3 on june 7th. he got this thomas the train tent and loved it.

he also loved his mike (aka batman) jammies and scooter (from nannie and poppie)

loving some cake and ice-cream. i love this sweet little face. it makes me want to eat his french fry fingers. (an inside family thing). you'd have to be a nygren to get that one.

i can't believe it took me 2 months to get around to blogging about birthdays. what can i say...i am a total slacker at the whole blogging thing. in the beginning it's all new and exciting, but now that we're over a year mark, the excitement has dwindled. i do love it, but sometimes it feels like another chore, one more thing to get done. better late than never right?? right??


Brittani said...

always better late than never! You boys are too cute for sure!

bones chick said...

Love the pics. You're much better then me.

Trish said...

I feel the same thing though. I keep getting behind then decided not to blog about it : ( You guys have been slammed with birthdays this month too!

WendyJ said...

Right! So many bloggers now do Facebook that they neglect their blogs.