Wednesday, December 3, 2008

here are a few pictures from the polar express night that i didn't get posted. i actually tried to post a few of them, but managed to delete them, and then you can't add them where you want. so they would have been out of order. this is andrew and jonah on the train. this was outside the train station. you can barely see them, but there are 3 statues of horses that the kids were climbing on. kialey looks a little scared in them. i think she was sliding off.

this was waiting outside the restaurant after the train ride. it was really yummy food. no, that is not a sucker in andrew's mouth. it is his bell. did you think i would let him have a sucker before dinner? well ok, i probably would, but it's not.


Meshan said...

Thanks for having us over for games and goodies the other night. We all had so much fun!!

Trish said...

Looks like you guys had a great time on the train ride. I can’t wait till we go. We were going to go to the Peanuts one in Oct. but decided to wait out for the Polar Express. Besides do our kids really know who the Peanuts gang is anyway? Not really.