Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ghost towns

next we headed to virginia city and nevada city, two little ghost towns in montana with my sis and her two girls. we met up with my mom and dad. it was getting late when we got there and most everything was closed down, so we decided to spend the night. there wasn't much in the way of accomodations, so we ended up in some little old cabins. some of them had weeds growing on the roofs. while we were there, we panned for gold and garnets. we actually found some too! here everyone is searching for their treasures!
looks like they found something.
here is our cabin. they were pretty rustic, but at least they were clean.

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Josh n' Chelle Smith said...

I am totally jealous! I wish I was able to have gone home this summer. I miss Montana so much! I miss the green and the mountains. I miss seeing farms and ranches. Sounds like you all had a exciting time back home in the real "ZION." It is sure nice to have Chelle and the kids home. I was so sick and tired of being a bachelor and a loner. It is nice to have the normal caotic fam life again!!

Laters, #1 Cuz, Smitty