Monday, April 28, 2008

time out for women

so a little over a week ago i was able to go to time out for women in abq. i haven't posted about it because i forgot to take a camera, and i was waiting to get pictures from my sister-in-law. i got to go with my mother-in-law janna and my sister-in-law jordanne. we had such a good time. it was a nice little break from the kids (especially will who has been so clingy lately.) it was so fun to see some of the old abq friends like erin, tracey, windy, laurel, courtney, dora, val, & valerie anne. i miss you guys! wish there had been more time for chatting. i really enjoyed kenneth cope and cherie call. also mary ellen edmunds was hilarious. it was a lot of fun. thanks jordanne and janna. you guys are the best!


Kincade said...

how did kenneth cope get into a womens conference? I drive the opposite way.

Katherine said...

I'm so glad that you got to attend it. We went in March. It was so fun and very inspiring; filled my cup to the brim. Much needed and would invite everyone to go!

Dacia said...

So glad that you got to go. It sure is an awesome event! Looks like you had fun and that's cool that you got to see everyone in ABQ at the same time! How fun.