Saturday, April 26, 2008

share 3 of each of the following:
3 joys
3 fears
3 goals
3 random surprising facts
3 current obsessions/collections

3 joys:
1. spending time with jeff and the kids
2. running with brittani and allison (except for the early morning part)
3. going to church (except that i spend most of my time in nursery with will)

3 fears:
1. spiders (i'm a little obsessive, i check my shoes before i put them on, shake out my clothes if they have been laying on the floor, check the shower every morning, keep my slippers on my night stand, etc.) crazy i know!
2. losing jeff or my children
3. other than that really nothing. i actually like to be scared, i love scarey movies)

3 goals:
1. run a half marathon
2. learn how to play the piano
3. finish a college degree (when my kids are a bit older)

3 random surprising facts:
1. i tend to be a little ocd, i count how many pumps of lotion per leg, arm, etc. i follow the same routine to get ready for bed and ready in morning, i can barely function if i get off. poor kaylee i try and make her do the same when we get ready for school, it's all i can handle if she wants to get dressed before we eat.
2. i love cold cereal, any kind really.
3. i love art, someday i want to take up oil painting. i am lucky enough to get to teach art at kaylee's school every other fri. to the 2nd graders.

3 current obsessions/collections:
1. blogging
2. american idol, i love the davids'
3. twilight series, i can't wait for august!!

i tag teri, debra, aubrey, kathy, april

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