Wednesday, April 30, 2008

the party is offically over!

here are the goody bags we sent home after the party.
my man

quick draw drew
my little buccaroo!
these are my 3 cowboys! i love them so much! aren't they cute? ok so i know that lately there have been a lot of posts about andrew's birthday! sorry, this is the last one. i just couldn't resist putting these pictures on again. finally his birthday is officially over! we managed to drag it out over a week. but hey you only turn 5 once, right? check out his slide show from his birthday party below.


Dacia said...

I think it's great that you shared all the bday pics. What a fun mom you are. I bet he'll never forget his cowboy party! What cute cowboys!

Davis Family said...

the whole spider thing is hilarious-I am the same way! if i have ever seen a spider anywhere in my previous years of life-I search for one there wherever I am at! they're nasty little buggers. And when i watch arachnophobia i think there are spiders crawling on me for days. ew, gives me shivers talking about it.